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The Boat

Flyboat Works F 18x flats skiff, powered by Yamaha.  Brand new cutting edge protype skiff which provides both a comfortable and safe trip for both Captain & Clients.

New Boat.png


At 18ft, this boat is smaller and more maneuverable than most of the other flats boats on the water today.  It allows extreme shallow water capabilities for an all access pass! No tide required ..... she goes where ever she wants, when ever she wants.


My skiff is powered by the most dependable motor on the water a 40hp Yamaha 4-stroke. Besides fuel economy and reliability this motor has enough power and speed to get us to the fishing spots before most other boats leave the dock. My Yamaha may be the quietest motor on the water for the ultimate fish find.


An added advantage of this boat is that it is completely equipped with a custom poling platform and casting deck.  I use the poling platform to push pole the boat around many of the creeks, cuts, and coves scattered throughout our area.  This is the stealthiest way to sneak up on fish and it also gives me a height advantage for spotting fish from a distance.  The casting platform is basically the anglers “office.”  From this vantage point you’re almost a foot above the deck making sight fishing easier and the method of choice on this boat.

What makes my guide boat truly unique is that it is a 2020 Flyboat Works prototype, and with the new Coors Seltzer graphics, it's definitely a head turner on the water.

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